online portfolio

Welcome to my online portfolio of graphic design in print, digital media and photography. I use my own personal site to demonstrate some of the work I have created during my career as a freelancer.

My name is Jeannette Timpe-Wolff and I was born in 1973 in Dresden a beautiful town in Germany.

I am a professional graphic designer and now I am looking forward to expand my skills throughout other areas of design.

In brief, my relevant experiences and skills include:

  • 6 years experience as a graphic designer
  • experience providing multimedia communication solutions to clients
  • strive for perfection and value collaboration and creativity
  • knowledge in print-design for: Logo Design, Brochures/ Flyer, Advertising, Postcards, Menus, Booklets, Posters, Signs, Business Cards, Stationary, Greeting Cards
Software Expertise:

Creativ Suite 2
Image Ready
Office Suite
basics in QuarkXPress

Technical Proficiency Platforms:
Windows XP/ME/2000
basics in Mac OS

Please do not hesitate to contact me!
copyright by Jeannette Timpe-Wolff